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dont know how to read a lease?You are such a LIAR Jennifer Derevlany!

You KNEW about my dogs, agreed to modify the lease, then didnt. Also, I DIDNT get evicted, now did I? They had no choice but to drop the eviction or be sued for a retalitory eviction. They settled the matter right away with my attorney.

I was really looking forward to a trial, since I had a witness who is a paralegal for the Public Defenders Office in Philadelphia, who lives in building 5 and volunteered to testify that you made him sign a lease saying no pets, but allowed his dog. Also, FYI, you cant press charges for slander, that is civil, and TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE TO SLANDER AND LIBEL. There is also freedom of speech. I have proof to back up everything I say.

Also, I NEVER texted or emailed you, so tell some more lies.

I moved into a HUGE, new condo, and it doesnt have a slumlord.:grin

Original review posted by user Oct 27, 2011

Do NOT rent From Brooklawn Norse Apartments in Brooklawn, NJ!

Slumlords all the way!Had to wait 2 weeks after moving in before I received a lease, told me I could have my dogs, then tried to evict me for them, had to wait over a month after I moved in for a working fridge, mice and roach infested, refused to provide access for PSEG to read meters, so PSEG threatened shut off, they are LIARS, dont fix anything, do not deposit your security deposit in an interest bearing account like they are REQUIRED to under NJ LAW.

This complex has drug dealers, and police are called to this complex daily for a host of problems. Property is a fire hazard. Horrible, unethical people to rent from. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these slumloards.

They create a LLC for each new property they purchase and call it Brooklawn Norse, Clementon Norse, AC Norse, ect.

Dont rent from ANYWHERE with the name Norse!You will REGRET it!

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HORRIBLE place to live!They are roach, rat, and bed bug infested.

They say why don't just move out but it's not that easy to up and leave a place once you actually live there. They don't deposit your security payment, they never fix anything, you can't get a hold of the actual landlord, then they try to send you eviction papers when you have proof you've been paying rent.

Everyone is on drugs, the exterminator comes whenever he wants and is never prepared.DO NOT MOVE HERE the town is good and quiet but these apartments are worse then living in Camden apartments.


Same here at Riverside Norse.Horrible slumlords.

The property manager is a *** joke..

And the owner of all these Norse properties Andrew Turk is a criminal.He takes all this money from people and doesn't care one bit about his tenants

to Anonymous #1142154

Riverside Norse apartments will steal your rent especially beware of Patrick the super.He steals the money of innocent tenants and instead of giving it to the owner of the property he keeps it in his pocket and reports to the owner that a tenant has not paid rent since the beginning.PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE SUPER ,PATRICK, AND MAIL IT TO RIVERSIDE NORSE LLC.The apartments has bed bugs ,dirty carpets,holes in ceilings that you can see sky,ac dont work,water gets shut off with no warning what so ever,no emergency 24hr service,claims they have ac but nothing,flooring has holes in it and many more.

to Anonymus #1152225

To anonymous, your an *** for not moving, you trash talk the place but live there?

Duh!!! Move out????



Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #822279

, This is one of THE worse places to move in!You have a problem?

You'll be waiting every bit of 6 months for someone to come out & fix it.. The lady writing this article is NOT a liar, as I am a new Tennant! & I wish I would have read her advice before I decided to move in! Only plus I can say about this move is that's a quite neighborhood & there's a school directly across the street!

But as for the apartment, I am also encountering problems that are NEVER being fix..Still to date!!

to Anonymous College Park, Maryland, United States #950856

The lady writing the artical was evicted for her dog and dealing drugs on the property Also her teenager attacked my 6 year old son.I lived next door to her she was *** to live with.

I've been here long enough to know the only people who have any problems are the ones who don't pay the rent.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #592236

Lol Don't get all worked up now.She's gone.

Just ignore her.

It's too petty for any more attention.

Gloucester City, New Jersey, United States #592232

Is this Michelle Miller?I lived in her bld.

you daughter is a trouble maker and ur a drug dealer. Jennifer is right no one could stand to listen to ur bs. I've had my own conversations with the chief of police about u. How u gonna say the police are always here.

They were only here for you. Listen to Jen check the records. You do need to get a life. i seen u were evicted the sheriff posted on the door.

The whole bld was relieved when we seen you would be gone. Jen u need to get a restraining order on this crazy ?!$&. I've been here for 4 years I have no problem with brad going Into my home. He is a good man We all do *** things when we are young.

He don't lie about it. No one MADE u sign a lease. There's 50 something apartments at this bld. Y u think no one listened to ur complaints when they evicted u.

Nothing but whining and ***.Thank u anyone involved with getting rid of her.

to Gtg23 Camden, New Jersey, United States #952278

No Laura, YOU were the one evicted.I was NOT evicted.

They tried, they also lost! I have papers from my attorney to prove it. Your city comes up when you post, so I KNOW its you, since you live in Gloucester. The cops were never at my door.

They were always at your house and YOU were the one selling prescription drugs from your apartment.

Yeah, you are a real piece of work with your oldest son being a drug deal, your 400 pound kids with mouths worse than truckers, your *** husband, your mentally challenged younger boyfriend who you made bail your *** husband out of jail, your youngest son with brown eyes (that you used to duct tape his diapers to) that you have your *** husband believing he is the biological father even though its impossible since both of you have blue eyes, you are an animal hoarder and animal abuser who threw your 2 cats out in the alley when you got evicted, you let your dog suffer with mammory cancer and never took her to the vet until I called the SPCA on you, you never pay your rent and get evicted every where you live, you never take a shower and your entire family has the worst body odor I have ever smelt.You are a real piece of work, Laura Massey.

to weloveparrots #967608

Post the papers here and prove it cant?Well alrighty then.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #592222

Lol.I see y u never made it in law now !

Lmao. 10 different tenants complained about u. The first week u were there the cops were called on ur daughter. There's a police report.

Anyone who reads this needs to know we have no other complaints as u can see and we do what we can to get rid of the drama. Anyone concerned about any of this feel free to talk to current tenants or the Brooklawn police. They all can tell u all about that woman. Yes my husband was in trouble when he was 18.

We are over 30 now. Unlike some ppl we grew up and bought homes, had kids and got lives. I had a girl come in last week that read this and said she could clearly see she had nothing better to do but start trouble, a tenant in the office told her she was correct. I'd like to assure everyone looking into this bld she no longer resides here.

we do not tolerate any trouble makers. local police help us in our efforts to keep the bld quiet and safe. When they say someone has to go. Then they have to go.

5 buildings and 8 yrs of doing this and this is the only pist consumer report. I hope everyone will get better references then this post.

Again pls contact current tenants or Brooklawn police they are more then willing to tell u about the original poster and about the building.Thank u

to Anonymous Camden, New Jersey, United States #952286

There are complaints posted all over the internet on these slumlords, not just on the location in Brooklawn.Look them up.

They are liars, and I was NOT evicted, they TRIED, they LOST.There were NEVER cops called on me for ANYTHING, that is ***.

to weloveparrots #965058

Keep all this hatred up and you will be living on the street.Every future landlord will see how you are and not rent to you.By all your other complaints you have shown not to be a stable person at all.Where you should be living is in a psyc ward.You more than not told them you only had 1 small dog.But you really had 3 dogs and 3 bunnies as you have said on your other insane complaints.You signed a lease that stated no pets.All that matters is what is on the signed lease.

to mi #965088

All that matters in the law is what is in the lease.All the landlord has to do is show the lease.You lose.When other landlords do a background check on you they will see all your crazy dribble posted all over this site.Soon you will be blackballed as other landlords will not want to deal with crazy.You already have 1 death on your hands due to cyber bulling.Keep digging that hole..soon social services will see what you are doing and do the right thing by putting you away because you are a danger to yourself and others.And Jen...Get that restraining order ASAP.


All becus u don't know how to read a lease.First off I don't own the bld I do what the owners say.

Second brad was 17 n it was him n 10 other kids ranging from mayors kids n on. Third if u don't like it there so much. Y are u calling my phone sending texts trying not to be evicted? U are being evicted becus u did not follow the lease.

U will have charges pressed on u Michelle miller by me brads all public but calling me a slumlord is slander if ur lawyers could keep u living in the apt they would but they can't so.


to Jen #1169515

Brooklawn norse is the worst place to live the tenants under me told me they had bed bugs the day i moved in maintenance never did anything about they moved out about 5 months later two weeks after they moved out the bugs traveled to my apartment 5c ... infested everything i had my babys room my living room everything was ruined i called maintenance the manintenance clman came out all doped up on herion said he would have my apartment treated never once did ever i had to chase him down they reat of my stay they never did anything i had to throw out everything i had because of that place its completely disgraceful

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